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Poem - The Eschaton

"The Eschaton" Do not fear my brethren Our God is sovereign We await the Second Coming of the Lord of Lords He will slay the Satanic hordes He came as the Lamb, but returns as the Judah Lion He will reign in Zion Once the Peace Treaty is made The timeline is laid In the Rapture we will fly To meet Jesus in the sky Our blessed hope Not by man or Pope God's wrath will rain down on the globe A fate worse than Job People will flee But they will find no sanctuary During the great Millennial reign We'll sing a joyous refrain At the Great White Throne All the deeds of men will be known Satan and his minions cast into the Lake of Fire We'll have our hearts' desire We, God's children, will spend eternity with Him And so ends my poetic hymn (c) 2021, Zachary Uram