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Jesus is Lord

 Yasou ya ibn Allah! Jesus is Lord! Shookran Taree2 Yasoo3! Amin! Al Ma7ee! Here is a great song (tarneema) by (RogĂ© [Roger] Bahu) : Ya Yasou ya ibn Allah I made this video!  


In my eschatology (the study of the End Times), I'm a premillennial dispensationalist. I believe in a return of Christ before the 1,000 year Millennium in which Christ will rule the earth from Jerusalem. I also believe in a pretribulation rapture of the Church, where Christ will meet us, His saints, in the air. We'll return to Heaven for 7 years for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. During this 7 year Great Tribulation the Antichrist and the Beast will terrorize the earth and God will show His mighty wrath upon mankind. Jesus came the first time as a suffering servant, as the meek Lamb of God; He was sacrificed for our sins. But when Christ returns at His Second Coming it will be as the King of Kings, the Lion of the tribe of Judah. He will utterly annihilate His enemies and destroy evil once and for all, including Satan and his demons, as well as reprobate mankind. We dispensationalists believe Scripture is best understood under a framework of roughly 7 dispensations in terms o

Some thoughts on America

One of the things which I admire about President Ronald Reagan was his ability to work with Democrats in Congress, and have true bipartisan cooperation. Democrats and Republicans still had strong disagreements, yet for the common good they found ways to come together to benefit the citizens of our great country. Today we rarely see such bipartisan efforts. Their is such rancor and acrimony between political parties. It's so bad that we've had multiple government shutdowns where the federal government ran out of funding due to Republican and Democrats fighting each other. This should embarrass us as Americans. Our modern era seems to be one of hyper-partisanship and divisiveness. Your political opponents are demonized and seen as the enemy. Even very militaristic language is used by politicians and political pundits. Each side has their own niche media which mocks, ridicules, distorts, defames, spins, and misrepresents the other side., And each side has their own cult of persona

Bach's St. John Passion

  J.S. Bach's St. John Passion ( Johannes-Passion ) Passion in 2 Parts - BWV 245 Bach composed this work in Leipzig during 1727 for the Good Friday (the Friday before Easter) vesper services. It was written in 1723 during Bach's first year as director of church music in Leipzig and was first performed on April 7, 1724, at Good Friday Vespers at the St. Nicholas Church . It was the first Passion music he had written as cantor in Leipzig. According to Wikipedia: The St John Passion is written for a four-part choir with soloists, as well as an instrumental ensemble of strings and basso continuo with pairs of flauti traversi and oboes , the latter both doubling on oboe da caccia . For special colors Bach also used lute , viola d'amore and viola da gamba , instruments that were already old-fashioned at the time. [ citation needed ] In present-day performances the part of Jesus is often given to one bass soloist, Pilate and the bass arias to another. Some tenors sing

Worship Music

How we worship God matters. And part of worship is our music. David sung praises unto the Lord with his psalms. Yes the psalms are meant to be sung!  Have you noticed that so much of what passes for praise music these days is utterly banal,  if not outright blasphemous (viz, Jesus as their boyfriend).  You've probably heard a million times the same tired cliched songs with repetitive lyrics. Or as church musicians call them, 7-11-2 music. 7 words sung 11 times to 2 chords!   What makes this all the more egregious and intolerable is that fact that there exists a rich body of doctrinally sound and musically pleasing praise music. That is the great hymns of the historic church. Such as "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God", "Amazing Grace", "How Great Thou Art", "What a Friend We Have In Jesus", or even a contemporary hymn such as "In Christ Alone". Here is "Amazing Grace" performed by Celtic Woman.   This hymn written by John New