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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dysfunctional Housewives of New Jersey

I think that Caroline Manzo, Jacqueline Laurita and Teresa Giudice, from the reality show, "Real Housewives of New Jersey", are some of the most vapid and acrimonious people I've ever witnessed on TV. They have heaped so much vitriol and hatefulness towards Danielle.

Caroline clearly has control issues and it's hilarious and sad that she views herself as a paragon of virtue and goes to church (Catholic), yet sees nothing wrong with basically acting in a manner that is the total antithesis of what Jesus preached. Does she really think God is OK with her constantly calling someone "garbage" and obsessively demeaning and gossiping about them? She is also a huge hypocrite. She literally explodes at even the slightest perceived offense, yet treats others in a negative fashion that is magnitudes worse than the perceived wrong against her! Life is a binary game in her view, there must be a righteous winner and an evil loser in her personal moral calculus.

Theresa refers to Danielle constantly with nasty pejoratives, calling her "bitch", "coke whore", "whore", "pig" and other unsavory terms. Jacqueline constantly refers to Danielle as a "pig" and "psycho". Both of these women can invariably be seen wearing a crucifix necklace, yet they talk like street thugs. It's disgraceful.

Caroline obviously has a persecution complex and needs for the world to see her as the innocent victim all the while she engages in childish tirades and endless polemics against her perceived enemies. Several times she has said that, "Danielle will not win." She has no problem with acting like a belligerent foul mouthed bully. She is always the one wronged who is without reproach, all the while she viciously lambasts others. On the Season 1 finale Caroline had a staged breakdown crying and yelling at Danielle calling her once again "garbage" for some great evil that she claimed Danielle perpetrated against her family. As we later learned from Danielle's blog, what happened was that Caroline's ex brother in law had a custody dispute and one day knocked on Danielle's door and asked for Caroline's cell phone number. Danielle had no knowledge of the ongoing dispute between Caroline and him so she gave the number out. During the reunion show Caroline tried to spin it to make it sound as if Danielle knew what was going on and sought the man out herself as an attack on the Manzo family. I think Caroline is delusional and paranoid, anyone and anything whom she doesn't like or is at odds with her unyielding personal opinions are perceived as the enemy. Some of Caroline's comments are so absurd it's like something out of a Mickey Spillane novel. She loves being offended on behalf of her family, then Caroline has the opportunity to talk tough and be intimidating, boasting about how if you mess with her family she will go after you.

Theresa also seems obsessed with Danielle and says the most vile things about her. It was particularly offensive and outrageous when Theresa and Caroline were denigrating Danielle's children, saying they had dead eyes and were not socially well adjusted! Jacqueline turned on Danielle as well and now obsessively talks about her with Theresa, Caroline and Dina. They claim they want to forget about Danielle, yet are compelled to discuss here incessantly. These women are obsessed with Danielle, clinical obsession!

Jacqueline now calls Danielle scum and a pig every chance she gets, and all of the women call Danielle crazy and insinuate she has mental problems. It doesn't just end there either, Jacqueline's annoying and spoiled daughter Ashley, who routinely disrespects her parents and has a bad attitude, set up hate pages on Facebook attacking Danielle, further she actually physically assaulted Danielle and ripped out clumps of her hair. How immature! Ashley also is living in sin with her boyfriend so she needs to stop fornicating and worrying about Danielle.

Danielle was right about Theresa and her husband Joe having financial problems, in 2009 the filled for bankruptcy and were $11 million in debt, this is public record.

Theresa also verbally attacked Danielle in front of Danielle's children. They have a clear vendetta against her and it's really evil what they did. Caroline admitted to spreading unflattering information about Danielle's past all around town. Everyone make mistakes. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, Jesus said. This show demonstrates that for all their money, material possessions and in spite of their chronological age these women who have conspired together to attack Danielle repeatedly are behaving like spoiled children. They clearly have mental disorders. Just shows what petty and mean spirited shrews they are.

Danielle left the show after season 2 so it was no surprise to see in Season 3 that Caroline had found a new enemy, Theresa, her former ally! I think Caroline gets some sort of passive aggressive satisfaction from conflict and feeds off of it. Isn't it convenient that this innocent and righteous Manzo family has a seemingly endless stream of enemies out to destroy them! What a joke.

Caroline, Theresa and Jacqueline's self-righteous pomposity, cruel gossiping and constant denigration of others show them to be very disturbed women who are absolutely not living for Christ. They would do well to heed these words from Scripture:

"Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye." - Matt. 7:5

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