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Monday, March 25, 2013

Islam and Reformation

Islam needs a great reformation. It must categorically reject violence, hatred, racism, sexism, intolerance and bigotry. When someone claiming to be a Muslim commits an atrocity such as an act of terrorism they need to face widespread condemnation from the global Islamic community. Prominent Muslims, such as heads of state, members of the government, members of royal families, celebrities, teachers and professors, and imams, sheiks and other religious leaders must seek a moderate form of Islam which rejects these barbaric values. In other words Islam must be brought fully out of the 7th century and into the 21st century!

This reformation should include:
  1. rejection of dhimmitude, which is treating non-Muslims as second class citizens
  2. full respect for women and their equal status both under the law and in society
  3. a popular culture which rejects the death culture so prominent in Jihadist propaganda
  4. zero tolerance for acts of terrorism
  5. greater ecumenical and inter-faith outreach
  6. rejection of sharia law and embrace of law which recognizes all of our human rights
  7. rejection of pedophilia and so-called child marriages
  8. rejection of Islamism which seeks to legislate Islam as the law of the land
  9. be much more open to criticism
  10. outlaw so-called blasphemy laws which punish people for offending Mohammed, the Qur'an or Islam in general
  11. outlaw so-called apostasy laws which call for the imprisonment and even death of Muslims who leave the faith
  12. reforming madrasa (religious schools) so they stop preaching hatred and intolerance
  13. self-policing of imams, sheiks and other religious ministers so as to delegitimize  hateful speech, calls for Jihad, and other violent speech.
  14. full legal rights and protection, under the Constitutions and laws, for non-Muslims living in Muslim majority nations
  15. careful monitoring of finances so that terrorist groups don't get financial assistance
  16. the local culture should ostracize anyone found giving material aid to terrorists or Islamists in general
  17. stop constant polemics against the Christian faith, stop attacking the validity of the Bible
  18. apologize for all wrongdoing which has been done in the name of Islam
  19. make financial reparations for wrongdoings
  20. reject all passages in the Qur'an, Sunah and Hadith which call for violence, hatred, and bigotry

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