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Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Gmail interface

At midnight (nearly 2 hours ago) I was FORCED by Google to using the crappy new user interface. I hate it! There is TONS of white space, it's very hard to quickly differentiate between the three leveled view panes, they've removed the labeled buttons and replaced them with ambiguous icons, and it is noticeably SLOWER! Also I see they have removed the option in setting which forced replies to be in plain text so when I reply now and the person I'm replying to used HTML now my reply defaults to HTML! THIS IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE GOOGLE! And to make it worse there is no CLASSIC LOOK option available. Ugh if Yahoo makes it possible to easily import my Gmail I may switch! It's sad Gmail used to be the fastest, most intuitively easy to understand and concise web mailer out there. THANKS FOR RUINING A GREAT PRODUCT GOOGLE YOU MORONIC HIPSTERS who listen to clueless web stylists who put subjective style over objective substance.

My new Gmail report card:

Usability: F
Aesthetic: F-
Ease of Use: D-
Customization: E-
Intuitiveness: F-

What really irks me even more than this monstrosity from Google is the fact that they are SO ARROGANT they felt compelled to FORCE it on me and don't even give the option for the classic interface! Also in using other Google products I've noticed how upset and frustrated people are with the fact that Google doesn't provide a toll free number for feedback; they have no official support or complaint department you can email. Your best bet is to post on some random product specific group in Google Groups and pray someone at Google sees your post! This is totally unacceptable for a company that is as large and profitable as Google! They now reek of arrogance.

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