Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Poem

perception variable
shifting like the wind
reality yields

a new consciousness
no, a new being

blinding waves
penetrate the mind
illuminating hidden truths

potential unlocked
transformation achieved

a new reality
unknown to most
the last frontier

searching for truth
vagaries of indoctrination
the familiar is profane

to behold

a waking dream
frozen by time
paradigms collapse

going deeper
past fear

the old world
a lie

a solitary path
to voyage
to grow

now connected
refuge from the mundane

finally peace

-- Zachary Uram (c) 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

Duel at Dawn

Katana blades
Glisten in dawn's awakening
Warriors bound by honor
The world falls away
Senses heightened
Muscles coiled like vipers
Ancient ritual
Civilized barbarism
Man is a wicked thing
If one must die
This is a noble path
One lunges forward
Tempered steel whistles
A flick of the wrist
And his fate is sealed
The arterial spray
Blankets the snowy ground
Crimson droplets
Poetry in motion
A samurai falls
But his soul is free

Friday, November 12, 2010

faith and reason

Posted a comment on Darlene Egelhoff's blog

Wonderful blog post Darlene! I studied physics at Carnegie Mellon University (before my mental illness struck) and I *love* science. The great lie of the so-called New Atheists (people like the insufferably arrogant and condescending Richard Dawkins!) is that one must reject theism to be accepted as a rational thinker, to be a scientist. This is a ridiculous false dichotomy and it’s so sad so many young students are being indoctrinated into a binary view of epistemology where one must either reject reason and the modern world or embrace theism. There is nothing new under the sun, as Scripture says, and none of these “new” arguments are new at all. We Christians can use science and engage in scientific research without compromising our faith. As you echoed God gave us a mind to explore, to question, to ponder! Praise God. I personally do not see enough evidence for macro evolution, but as you said even if that is true it should not bother one who has built their faith on the firm bedrock of faith in Christ the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! All of creation testifies to the handiwork of the Creator and I’ve truly seen that manifested in my intellectual inquiries into the natural world. Let us not shrink back into the corner in the realm of public discourse, whether it be a Sunday school class, a university classroom or a discussion group with our closest friends, and be afraid to boldly proclaim that we are thinking Christians! Virtually all of Western science has been laid down by people who expressed Judeo-Christian faith. Let us remind students that perhaps the greatest intellect in history, Isaac Newton, was a fervent follow of our Lord Jesus Christ!

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