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book review

This is a review of the book, " Killing the Deep State: The Fight to Save President Trump," by Dr. Jerome Corsi. The leftist socialist/communist agenda to set up a one-world government which a handful of elites control  is absolutely real. Sadly half of our populace in America are socialists/communists who blindly support  the Deep State. These Democrats need to be dealt with definitively, they are the #1 threat to America's  sovereignty and liberties.  It's no surprise this Deep State is profoundly anti-Christian and anti-Jewish. It is however pro-Muslim.  A relative unknown like Obama  who was installed for 8 years as president is a testament to the power the  Deep State wields.  The Deep State now controls education (K-12 public schools and universities), the mainstream media, the  major tech companies (Google, Facebook, Microsoft etc), and as I said half the populace, who are dumb  sheep. Thanks to their stranglehold on education they have brain

Obama - 8 years of utter failure and incompetence!

President Obama is without question the worst president in US history! His handling of foreign policy was inept and amateurish, his Obamacare abomination cost millions of people to lose their coverage, and it made the rates skyrocket for yet millions more, his handling of race relations were awful. What did Obama accomplish in 8 long years besides raising our national debt $9 trillion! He is an abject failure any way you look at it. In one week we'll be swearing in President Elect Trump and we should finally see some good governance!

A case against Obama

By every single metric people are worse off and suffering more now under Obama than they did under Bush. The only one's who are actually doing better are the hyper rich. Obama took trillions in stimulus and bailout money and gave it to his Wall Street banker buddies who turned around and either invested it in foreign banks, gave themselves huge bonuses, invested it in risky hedge funds (which they promised they wouldn't do) or loaned money to their fellow banks at near 0% interest rates here in the US, they were supposed to lend that money to the middle class, the working poor and small business owners and that is precisely what they didn't do! Credit is still very tight and there is no sign that liquidity will open up anytime soon. Obama's Federal Reserve has pursued one of the most reckless policies in history with quantitative easing (buying up $600 billion - $1 trillion USD), QE1 was proven to have failed, so they stupidly went away with QE2 and now we see that h

Big Brother Barack

Remember during the 2010 campaign how Obama promised his administration would have a level of transparency unseen before? Obama's pledge of transparency was a joke! Is there anything Obama *doesn't* lie about? He's lied about unemployment figures, lied about the stimulus (and where all the money went), lied about health care, lied about Libya, lied about Afghanistan, lied about Iraq, broken numerous campaign promises, etc. Look at this: "The Homeland Security Department official in charge of submitting sensitive government files to political advisers for secretive reviews before they could be released to citizens, journalists and watchdog groups complained in emails that the unusual scrutiny was "crazy" and hoped someone outside the Obama administration would discover the practice , The Associated Press has learned." "But at the Homeland Security Department, since July 2009, career employees were ordered to provide political staffers with i

Untapped Energy in America

We do not leverage our abundant energy resources. America has the LARGEST proven reserves of BOTH natural gas AND coal in the entire world! We could have dirt cheap electricity and natural gas for heating our homes and cooking, but the stupid envirowackos and liberal loons, a liberal Senate and Obama won't let us do it! It's unbelievably stupid. If ANY other country had these reserves they would fully exploit them!

Obama fiddles while the world burns!

The Middle East is in utter chaos, gasoline is over $4/gallon, unemployment rate still at 9% (true rate closer to 20%), US is $14 trillion in debt, Japan faces an overwhelming humanitarian crisis following the record earthquake and resulting tsunami, and now with 4 of the 6 nuclear reactors at Japan's Fukushima site in various stages of meltdown the world faces the greatest radioactive threat since Chernobyl so what is Obama concentrating his energy and attention on? Golfing and the NCAA college basketball tournament, so-called March Madness! I guess with Obama the madness moniker is apropos. Obama the man-child is without question the worst president in US history and one of the worst Western leaders in modern times. He is unable to act, paralyzed by doubt and a weak intellect unable to synthesize complex information and act decisively, further Obama seems to be milking the presidency for his family and his personal benefit: constant golfing (61 trips in barely 2 years!), constan