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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pants on the ground

I am disgusted by the current fashion trend among youth to wear their pants hanging off the bottom of their ass with their underwear exposed. Little do these morons know, but this practice originated in prison culture. When someone was available for gay sex they would wear their pants that way. This is literally the dumbest fashion trend I've ever seen!

As the graphic illustrates some police departments are now enforcing the law against these idiots.

A large factor in the spread of this trend was depraved rap culture. These fools saw rappers dressing that way and decided to mindlessly imitate them.

Here is an apropos song by Larry Platt entitled "Pants On The Ground".

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I loathe rap music. It is extremely misogynistic, promotes criminality and crass consumerism. Further it degrades the beauty of the English language. The bass, or beats, is based on pagan tribal drum beats which were used in calls to war and in various pagan ceremonies. Musically it is extremely simplistic and lyrically devoid of merit most of the time. It is utterly superficial and promotes the shallow philosophy of materialism and glorification of the ego. We have such a rich heritage of great music in America (jazz, gospel, blues, r&b) and there is the vast genius of classical music. Teach kids that glorious music! Listening to rap music one notices a few motifs repeated over and over again:
  1. do anything you can to earn money, the end justifies the means
  2. to be successful in life you must amass great wealth
  3. use women for your sexual gratification
  4. criminality is OK if you are in a lower socio-economic state
  5. if you have a problem with someone violence is the solution
  6. listing all of the material goods they have, how much money they spend, etc.
  7. talking about going to clubs and partying
Seriously this is nothing to embrace as a cultural achievement, quite the contrary!

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