Sunday, December 19, 2010

Stop the Comedic Jihad Against Christians!

Christians are the #1 target of comedians in the US, such as Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, and I'm sick of it. They don't DARE go after Muslims. It is quite the opposite it is climate of PC and everyone is taught to respect Muslims and revile Christians in the public schools. The comedians are AFRAID of Muslims. They are cowards and intellectually dishonest. Christianity has gone through major reformation, Islam hasn't. Islam needs a MAJOR reform. This is 2010 not 710. Look how Christians and Jews are treated as second class citizens in most Muslim dominated nations. I just read article in NY Times how Iraqi Christians have virtually abandoned Iraq due to persecution. Funny thing is during Saddam Hussein reign no one bothered them!! This is what happens when Islamists are put in charge, the minority groups who are non-Muslim get treated like shit. And there is not great concerted worldwide media outcry over mistreatment of Christians and Jews by Muslims but if some cartoonist makes a cartoon depicting Mohammed all Hell breaks loose. And those stupid laws in many Muslim countries saying it is illegal to preach to Muslims about Jesus or illegal or even death penalty if one leaves Islam for Christianity! It reflects deep intellectual insecurity!!!

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