Sunday, January 23, 2011

Islam needs a major reformation

Islamic terrorists do not exist in a vacuum. They get material support in myriad ways from so-called moderates. This is indisputable fact which global intelligence agencies all confirm.

There are Islamic leaders with widespread support across multiple nations. That is the popular excuse to blame all actions of Jihadists on oppressive regimes and it is completely false. The radical theology is coming from the religious leaders (imam, sheik, ayatollah, mullah), the preachers fomenting hatred and violence in their mosques, the madrasah (religious schools) indoctrinating young people with a violent and apocalyptic vision of Islam which legitimizes the use of violence in a global campaign calling on all the ummah (religious faithful) to re-establish the Caliphate and subjugate all those who refuse to accept Islam. This is given tacit approval by the hundreds of millions of Muslims who every week frequent these schools and churches, who give material support to terrorists (even if it is only financial that is a huge issue), who support radical forms of media (internet, magazines, newspapers, TV, radio), etc. Yes there are corrupt and oppressive regimes but in some cases these regimes are a bulwark against Islamist and Jihadist forces that would seek to take power. Do you really want the Taliban controlling Pakistan's nuclear weapons? Think about it. The Shah was bad, but you cannot say he is why the Islamic Revolution took place and flourished. It was because of Islam. People who supported his Islamic agenda supported him and were foolishly hoping for a better life. Now virtually all educated people in Iran want to get rid of this oppressive Islamic regime.

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