Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Good News

"Good News"

In the Garden
Man did Fall

Lost to Sin
Satan cast a black pall

Separated from God
So holy and righteous

Our folly of pride
Desiring and covetous

The seduction of knowledge
And self-sovereignty

Because of this
We did flee

Earth twas covered
In gloom and despair

Brother killed brother
Without a care

Mercy was shown
A covenant made

Keeping the law
Observances were paid

Man was still far
From intimacy once known

When we talked with God
In Paradise alone

Lost sheep all
Empty and incomplete

Scripture foretold
The Messiah we could meet

He came because of love
On a cold autumn night

Straw for bedding
As a star kept light

This was the One
Who would set us free

The Son of God
Incarnate deity

Christ alone could do
What we could not

To pay the heavy price
Which sin hath wrought

There is a balance
Which comes due

For every sin
And the goodness we eschew

Filthy are we
In God's holy sight

But Jesus would die
To make things right

Tortured, mocked, falsely judged
The God-Man overcame all

We each contributed
Because of the Fall

Sentenced to death
To hang on a Cross

How could this be
Such a loss

Christ would endure all
He knew this would be

Suffering this pain
For our wretched iniquity

At Calvary
Hung our dear Lord

This battle not won
By might or sword

His life so precious
And free of all sin

A ransom for us
A propitiation

"It is finished!"
Jesus said

And gave up His Spirit
The King of Kings dead

The sky darkened
Storms began to rage

But thanks to grace
Man escaped his dank cage

For on the third day
As Christ laid in rest

Our victory was already won
He passed every test

The grave could not hold
Our Savior for long

He was resurrected
As angels made song

A transcendent event
A statement for all time

It cannot be fathomed
By reason or rhyme

This miracle happened
And Christ was reborn

Look at His head
The marks of the thorn

How glorious this day
It is not a dream

Our dear Jesus lives
And reigns supreme

He defeated Death
And sin for every age

Our name can be written
In that eternal page

This gift of salvation
Is open to all

Who reach out in faith
And answer the call

No longer must we fear
Not trapped in time-space

If only we submit
And accept grace

Jesus loves you
And knocks on your door

Answer it now
Whether rich or poor

Intellect cannot save us
Nor doing a good deed

But mountains can be moved
With a faith seed

Confess Christ as Lord
Cast out doubt and fear

This greatest of miracles
Draws near

In Him place your trust
Believe with all heart

He shall never forsake you
Nor depart

Receive the Holy Ghost
A comforter for all time

You are now born again
A new life sublime

Tell this Good News
To friend and foe

Cherish it
And let the Gospel grow

  -- Zachary Uram (c) 2011


  1. Wow!!! awesome poem! Thanks Lord to kill His only son to save us! :'( May His name be spread over the whole world, may His love be revealed to all people!!!

  2. Great poem! Life would be lost without Jesus. He is good news indeed.

  3. Powerful!!!!
    May God bless your heart and pen!

  4. That was beautiful! Very profound and awe inspiring God Bless!

  5. Beautiful work, Zachary! I'd like to see a Part II or something that deals with the end goal for humanity, something perhaps like the idea of Irenaeus that "God became Man so that Man might become God," that is, that God incarnated into His image, joining eternally Creator to Creation, and humanity will never die since we have been joined to deity in the hypostatic union of Christ, Son of God and Son of Man. That would be a nice poem with a lot of soaring and inspiring mystical quality.

  6. @Olorin Thanks for that kind word and your idea! And to answer the question on your profile: yes it is! A moon cult and incorporating many elements from Ba'al worship.


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