Sunday, February 7, 2010


Oh game sublime
You enchant me still

With base oggs
And delicate dogfighting skill

A game so balanced
In perfect harmony

Strategic richness coupled
With tactical mastery

Succeed as a team
All acting as one

Conquer the galaxy
And have much fun

But alas I doth lament
At its slow and sad decline

Now go young newbies
And learn a game truly divine

The more you invest
Greater is the return

In netrek every fresh ship
Is a chance to learn

So bring on the carriers
To doosh and escort

The core agri is popping
Now for real sport!

May you phaser lock often
And your torps aim true

Keep improving and growing
By observing old clue

Some will leave netrek
In the fullness of time

For me it's transcendent
Thus endeth my rhyme.

-- Zachary Uram


  1. Netrek is like the Commodore 64: it was sweet for its time but now mostly a piece of history.

  2. nice poem, too bad in terms of age netrek is (as far as i know) a sinking ship...

  3. ole: danke, ja we really need more new players to play and stick around!


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