Sunday, July 19, 2020

Deliverance - a poem


This sin of old
It has a strong hold

My flesh I will mortify
The Scriptures do not lie

I must put off this carnal mind
The strength of Christ I will find

It's a continual struggle I face
I thank God for grace

Over my sins I doth lament
Lord, I sincerely repent

With a contrite heart
I have a fresh start

Satan would have us lost in shame
No we won't play that evil game

We must finish the race
No matter what challenges we face

Christ set the captives free
In Him we have total victory

After earnest repentance of sin
I have unspeakable joy let in

In the Word you must stay deep
Our Adversary doth not sleep

So confess your sins everyone
Life abundant is in the Son

(c) 2020, Zachary Uram

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