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Calvinism Explained

  I'm a Calvinist. That means I subscribe to the 5 points of Calvinism. The Doctrines of God’s free and sovereign grace are more easily remembered by the acrostic TULIP. These 5 points of Calvinism were not invented by John Calvin. They came from the Synod of Dordt (1618-1619) where leading Reformed thinkers came together to answer to give an answer to the 5 points of Arminianism: The Five Articles of Remonstrance are five points of Arminian theology written in 1610 by followers of Jacobus Arminius (1560—1609) outlining their disagreement with five key doctrines of Calvinism . The Five Articles of Remonstrance became a source of much controversy in the early Dutch Reformed Church of the Netherlands. Remonstrants is the formal name given to adherents of Arminius (Jakob Hermandszoon in Dutch) who protested to the State of Holland in opposition to their Calvinist rivals. The term remonstrate means “to make a forceful, reproachful protest.” After Arminius died in 1609, believers

Lectures on Calvinism

Here is an old book that is in the public domain (copyright expired), called Lectures on Calvinism by Abraham Kuyper.  Kuyper was once Prime Minister of the Netherlands. He was Reformed, specifically Dutch Reformed, and was also a theologian and pastor. The book covers what a Reformed, and hence biblical, outlook should be. This book began as an 1898 “Stone Lectures series” which Kuyper gave at Princeton University. Famous Reformed apologist Cornelius Van Til (who used presuppositional apologetics) was influenced by Kuyper and others who were Dutch Reformed. For download purposes here is the free E-book in EPUB , MOBI and PDF file formats for your viewing pleasure. Also you can download an audioboo k for free.

Advent Reflections Poem

In grievous sin man was lost To redeem him what would it cost? God became man It was all according to His plan The God Man came To cast out demons and heal the lame But the real reason Christ came was love He had mercy on us from above The virgin Mary would bear Jesus the Lord He would save us from sin and the Satanic horde The Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary, for 9 months she bore the Christ child This holy infant so tender and mild A humble stable in Bethlehem held the newborn babe and His divinity A donkey and lamb kept watch in this precious nativity Jesus would be our sinless sacrifice He hung on the cross while, for His garments, the soldiers played dice For our vice and depravity Christ would suffer most acutely He was crushed for our iniquity, and endured God the Father's full wrath Jesus chose this path He cried out, "It is finished!", and gave up His spirit. Such was the death of the Son But Jesus was not defeated. This hill of Calvary is where our salvation was w

The 5 Points of Calvinism Poem

  We are born lost in sin you see Totally wicked We are mired in depravity Our heart is desperately wicked That is the truth Sin is our bed God chose us to redeem From the foundation of the world What a marvelous dream Not elected based on anything in us It was simply God's good pleasure For His purpose Christ died at Calvary His propitiation was complete This is salvation history He died for a select few Only the Elect The others He did eschew We were quickened by the Holy Ghost It was grace we could not resist We have nothing of our own to boast This grace was irresistible God loved us so We are no longer miserable We're given a heart of flesh We are made new Our new life starts afresh Our salvation cannot be lost Christ will keep us on the right path Persevering until our mortal life is past by Zachary Uram (c) 2021

My salvation story

  I grew up in a loving Christian home. My parents were both cradle Catholics who got born again in the early 70s, during the Jesus Movement - which started in the 60s. My parents were Christian hippies. They grew out of that when we kids were born and they became regular Protestants. At a young age, I was aware of my own sin and need for a savior. I knew that Jesus loved me very much, and lived a perfect life, sacrificing Himself on the cross for my grievous sins and that He resurrected on the 3rd day. When I was 7 years old, at Christmas time, I repented of my sins, believed the Gospel, and I placed my faith and trust wholly in Christ alone. We attended a Charismatic church, the Community of the Crucified One. I had a relatively happy childhood, and even as a teen didn't really rebel against my parents' authority. But, by the time I went to university, I was a very prideful person. I placed a lot of confidence in my intellect. I was so wrapped up in myself I had little tim


  I am a credobaptist. That means I believe that a believer should only be baptized once they come to genuine faith in Christ following repentance and acceptance of the Gospel. This is known as believers' baptism. The opposing viewpoint is paedobaptism. This is known as infant baptism, here a young child is baptized whilst still an infant. They have no repentance, and no belief.  There is not a single instance of infant baptism in the New Testament. The Old Covenant was entered into through circumcision (for males only, females were left in the lurch), and the vast majority of Israelites who were circumcised were not saved. The New Covenant is wholly different and better. The entrance into the new covenant is the baptism of the Holy Spirit (spiritual) not water baptism (physical). And unlike the Old Covenant, all members under the New Covenant are saved. Roman Catholics, Orthodox, Lutherans and some Anglicans, further believe that baptism is salvific. This theological pos

William Tyndale defended

Catholic apologists online, make a habit, I've noticed, of discrediting the great Reformed Martyr William Tyndale. They use fraudulent revisionist history to do this. I've lost count of the times I've seen Catholics dismiss Tyndale's work as 3rd rate or "riddled with errors". The truth is that Tyndale was a consummate scholar and ranked as the preeminent translator of his day. He was the Jerome of his generation! A master scholar of eight languages, Tyndale was meticulous in his translation of the Bible’s original Greek and Hebrew, and his style of English was uncommonly beautiful. Tyndale’s translation of the Bible was simple but elegant. As his translation spread, his plain rhetorical style also spread and began to form the basis of a new English style, one that took common speech and elevated it into comprehensible prose. Some of the most famous phrases in the English language can still be attributed to Tyndale, including “and the truth shall make you fre

Word of Faith exposed

Please research the Word of Faith movement! It has deceived literally hundreds of millions of people with a false gospel of name-it-and-claim-it. And it has caused untold damage and destruction! The theology of WoF allows for the so-called prosperity [false] gospel to function! It's all about commanding God to actualize what you reach for by faith. I've even heard WoF preachers say God MUST obey you when you reach out whether it be for health or wealth or anything. This dangerous and toxic theology has spread all around the world (especially in Africa), thanks to churches, organizations, and companies based here in America, and has caused devastation. We must oppose the WoF movement! Note: Many in the charismatic movements, such as the pentecostal denominations, have members who follow the WoF. But not all do. I am a Reformed believer, but all Christians need to make sure that our theology is grounded in the truth of God's Word. We must constantly be on guard against false

A Testament

In the Garden, man did fall For eating the forbidden fruit Death and sin consumed us all We once walked with God In the garden of Eden To survive we'd have to work the clod This Messiah was foretold The prophets recorded In the days of old He would save the human race By reconciling man with the I AM Jesus would die in our place Truly God and truly man The hypostatic union He carried out the Father's plan He was born in a humble stable With sheep and donkey This was no fable He taught the 12 Apostles truth And healed and spoke with power and authority His reputation spread in Judea forsooth The Pharisees devised a wicked plan He rebuked them and challenged their hypocrisy They schemed against the Son of Man He was judged by Pilate of Rome And sentenced to death As recorded in many a tome On Good Friday He hung on the cross The God-Man would face God's wrath Such an incalculable loss At 3 pm He spoke His last "It is finished." He cried His mortal life was now past

A Polemical Poem

"A Polemical Poem" The so-called infallible Magisterium Is in a delirium Making up doctrine ad hoc To deceive the flock Oh the sinister machinations of man Developed a plan To control the people From the church steeple A lust for power Conceived in an ivory tower Oh come out of her I say Without delay Join a Reformed church And leave Catholicism in the lurch With doctrine so clear and true You will know what to do Sola Scriptura rules the day So join without delay Repent and in Christ alone believe No longer can Satan deceive Priests and bishops have no power to save You must belong to Christ as a slave The Pope is not Jesus' vicar on earth He has no worth I bid you leave Rome And come home Let Luther and Calvin be your guide The truth they will not hide Soon you will be a Calvinist and find you are one of the Elect No longer deceived by the Catholic sect So begin your journey this night Being Reformed is such a delight by Zachary Uram, (c) 2021