Friday, December 6, 2013

Nelson Mandela is dead

Mandela was a lifelong Communist.

Mandela is being fawned over in the liberal mainstream media as a great hero. The reality is far darker. Mandela is a terrorist and a murderer. Mandela was on the US terrorist watch list until 2008. He was head of the military wing of the ANC and carried out numerous bombings and executions of whites and blacks in South Africa. Women and children were among the victims. Mandela was convicted in court of 156 counts of terrorism and violence. And he had a fair trial. Amnesty International refused to take on his case because they felt the trial was proper. It is also no secret, though he tried to suppress it for years, that Mandela was a diehard communist and had close ties to the Soviet Union and Cuba. He wrote, in his own handwriting, a 56 page book on how to be a good communist. I'm sick of seeing the media whitewash history and portray a murdering thug as some sort of beloved freedom fighter. During the 1960s and 1970s several Africa countries, such as Angola, were taken over by Communists. The violence, terrorism, torture and murders which ensued were directly linked to Communism.

Mandela with Communist dictator Castro.

Racism against whites has been rampant in South Africa since the ANC assumed power. Tens of thousands of whites in South Africa and tens of thousands of blacks have been murdered by the ANC. Are things in South Africa better today compared to when Apartheid was still in place? The answer is a resounding no. Conditions are far worse today. South Africa went from being the most peaceful and safe country in Africa with a thriving economy and the best standard of living in all of Africa, under Apartheid, to now leading Africa in rape and murder, leading the world in AIDS infections and there is massive unemployment, government corruption and millions of jobs have been lost, the economy is in shambles. This is the legacy of Mandela and the ANC.

Mandela embracing despot Gadaffi.

It should be noted that Mandela legalized abortion on demand, pornography and homosexuality. Also we should remember the fact that Mandela never apologized to his victims. He never once showed any true Biblical repentance. It's so sad that people actually admire Mandela. He was a ruthless terrorist and a murderer. In the final analysis Mandela was a vile and despicable man who hated whites and hated his fellow blacks who went against him. I am glad this evil man is dead. Mandela is now roasting in Hell.

Mandela with terrorist Arafat.

Here are some excellent articles on Mandela and his numerous crimes: 

Finally this article is well worth reading, though I should warn you that it has some graphic images.


  1. A bit harsh towards the end (the last two sentences) but overall spot on. I say a bit harsh as ultimately we don't know where he went, but examining the fruits he bore in life is a strong indicator that he ended up in Hell.


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