Sunday, March 2, 2014

My struggle

my thoughts race
at the speed of light
disjointed fragments whiz by

weighed down
in a heavy abyss
lethargy and fatigue reign

a heavy malaise
washes over me
i feel numb

hallucinations torment me
reality is an illusion
an untrusted mind

dissociation comes
i am drowning
in a sea of dreams

an unknown sadness
profound and unending
i ask why

anxiety comes
paralyzing me
with fear and dread

delusions rule
who can discern
the truth of things

but there is hope
in Christ
i finally have peace

(c) 2014 Zachary Uram


  1. True This world is full of challenging struggle ... Be at Peace Amen

  2. Meditate. Do not act on the images but let them pass through you like a stream beneath a bridge.


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