Say no to Harry Potter!

The Harry Potter books/movies use spells adapted from actual magic spells, and contain the names of actual demons! It is a gateway for our kids and grandkids into the occult. We should burn the Harry Potter books and melt the DVDs of the movies! Filth. Look how it spread as a worldwide phenomenon and made Rowling a billionaire! Definitely Satan at work. And I get tired of hearing clueless Christian parents say,  "At least my child is reading!" As if there is nothing else they can read but demonic filth!

Harry Potter has popularized occult teachings and practices. The Harry Potter books have sold over 500 million copies. And the movies have been viewed hundreds of millions of times earning more than $9 billion USD at the box office. It has introduced a generation to magic and has normalized occult beliefs and practices. Harry Potter has taught children that magic and witches and wizards and the occult, in general, are cool and fun and good. It taught them to not fear magic, and to be magically minded. This is extremely dangerous!

Here is a complete list of the spells used in Harry Potter!

Please listen to this short video of Fr. Chad Ripperger talking about the Satanic aspects of Harry Potter!

Both Fr. Ripperger and Zachary King (a former Satanist) say that at least some of the spells are real. The fire spell is the main example they use. Spells are worked by the presence of a demon. This witchcraft is utterly demonic! They are real because when she did research for the books, Rowling used real spell manuals so that they would be authentic. According to Fr. Ripperger at least 60% of the demons named in Harry Potter are actual demons that he and fellow exorcists have cast out of possessed people. 


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