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Christmas Reminiscing

I would like to wish all my readers a  very happy, blessed, and merry Christmas! I know some Christians believe only Biblical holidays should be observed - those who follow the regulative principle of worship, which only allows that which Scripture explicitly allows. I follow the normative principle of worship. I believe we can do something unless it's explicitly forbidden in Scripture. I don't see how celebrating our Lord's incarnation is unbiblical! My sisters and I have very fond childhood Christmas memories! I recall how fun it was driving  out to the Christmas tree lot by the old Allegheny airport, and picking out a real live tree! I will never forget that fresh pine scent. We all sang Christmas carols in the car. Then we'd all go home and put lights on the tree and hang ornaments and garland. I loved hanging our stockings above the fireplace just before bedtime on Christmas Eve, in eager expectation of what we'd find inside them on Christmas morning! One of my