Monday, January 10, 2011

Terrible Parenting

My reaction to this arrogant, narcissistic, superficial piece in the WSJ by Amy Chua, "Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior".

Amy Chua you are a very poor journalist and a failure as a mother in my view. The article is ridiculously biased and ones-sided as it portrays the stern Chinese parenting as GOOD and the Western parenting as BAD. The author needs a reality check on leaving personal/cultural biases at the door. What you get from this is "Chinese mothers awesome! Western mothers need to catch up." I would much rather have a child that was not as successful by external measures if they were a loving complete sensitive person. This is the vile materialist philosophy applied to parenting. It really upset me to see what you've done to your kids. Your behavior was infantile and was outright child abuse! Sadly Amy has bought into the most superficial sort of parenting, with external measures as the SOLE criteria for success. This sort of parenting is morally empty and philosophically shallow. It mirrors the amoral capitalist materialist philosophy sadly so prevalent in China now. Thank God I was blessed with loving parents who raised me in the ways of the Lord and showed me true love and nurtured my intellectual, spiritual and emotional growth in very positive and healthy ways! I didn't master the piano by age 12 or graduate college at age 15 so I must be an abysmal failure in Ms. Chua's eyes! Oh the horror. Another thing Amy they are very few bona fide geniuses in math or music and it has much more to do with genetics than environment.

PS: Another thing which is particularly galling is the fact that Ms. Hua seems so perfectly oblivious to just how dysfunctional and unhealthy her model of parenting is. And she is shamelessly self-promoting her new book on the subject. The title should be changed to something more apropos, such as, "A case study in how NOT to parent!"


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