Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Democracy in the Middle East

Last night i tweeted ,"The Middle East wants freedom, freedom to be oppressed by Islamic theocrats!" Sad, but so true. Western style freedom and pluralistic democracy doesn't work in Islam, even if you look at the most socially advanced Muslim countries like Indonesia, Egypt and Turkey you still have absolutely shameful treatment of non-Muslim minorities, especially oppression of Christians. And you have strong Islamic terrorist networks there. The type of freedoms and values we embrace will only be accepted in Islamic world once Islam goes through a major structural reformation and unequivocally purges itself of violence and intolerance as legitimate forms of expression. Remember that democracy can be a tyranny. I wonder what these groups gushing over the recent events in Egypt will say if the Muslim Brotherhood has a significant presence in the new government and the Islamists make inroads and enact more of sharia law over time.

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