Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fidei / Faith

Real faith is a dynamic relationship with Christ and it affects all aspects of your life and being. So I pray you dear reader come to saving faith in Christ if you aren't already saved. Religion and all works of man are dead and cannot save anyone. Only by being born again can you enter the Kingdom of Heaven.We are saved by God's grace through faith in Christ. Christ was born of the virgin Mary the God-Man (fully divine and fully human), He lived and died on the Cross at Calvary so that our sins may be washed away, an atonement for our evil. Jesus rose on the 3rd day and ascended unto Heaven. He is seated at the right hand of God the Father and will return to Earth one day to judge the living and the dead. COME TO FAITH NOW! Confess your sins, ask Jesus to forgive you and to be your personal Lord and Saviour and He will send His Holy Ghost to live in your heart and be your helper. Trust now in the Lord of Lords and King of Kings! If you've done this you are now a new creation and have gained eternal life. Praise God!


  1. Amen! But when it comes to real life, a lot of things will be a barrier between Christ and us. Pray that God will refresh our mind everyday! To trust Him no matter what!


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