Friday, May 4, 2012

Diablo franchise ruined

Diablo 3 is a big disappointment. Blizzard decided to make it too much like World of Warcraft with big 3D characters, they have ornate environments, less features, and sadly less monsters. All they needed to do to make it awesome was to keep it like Diablo 2 except make the 2D graphics better, add more acts, more monsters and the integrated inventory, but no they got greedy and ruined the game. Not everyone has drunk the World of Warcraft Kool-Aid! Diablo 3 runs noticeably slower on my PC, they clearly dumbed the game down by having fewer monsters, fewer skills, and you can't change your skills mid-battle easily. Also you must have an active internet connection to even play in single player mode. How stupid can you get!? In my view the game experience has not been improved. This was all about the money. Blizzard knew that by making the game similar to WoW, and dumbing it down, they would make it more attractive to newbies and to hardcore WoW players who are looking for another game but with a similar feel. I think this has destroyed the franchise and I want no part of it!Totally disgusted :(

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