Thursday, May 10, 2012

La mort de la France?

Sarkozy had problems, but of the french leaders in modern times he alone had been brave enough to ban the Muslim veil (hijab) and he sees that radical, fundamentalist Islam (Islamism) is hell bent on dominating France, destroying the Judeo-Christian historic culture and replacing it with a tyrannical Muslim hegemony where an Islamic theocracy rules over all under strict Islamic law (sharia). In such a state all non-Muslims would be relegated to the status of second class citizens (this process is known as dhimmitude). I am in favor of the laïcité (secular government) in France and in America. It is a mechanism to safeguard our liberties, including our religious liberties.
The new leader Hollande is a liberal socialist. The liberal socialists have done more harm to modern Western civilization than any other force. They peel away traditional Judeo-Christian morality, set laws to liberalize the land: rampant divorce, disintegration of family life, rampant drug and alcohol use due to a permissive culture, a populace dumbed down by the education system and mass media. So this coupled with misguided immigration policy will eat away at the historic culture like a cancer virus. Once this process is complete society is destroyed and another belief system (such as Marxism, radical Islam, or secular humanism) takes preeminence. I weep for France! Please note: I have dear Muslim friends, I am not against Muslims or any faith group, but I am strongly against the fundamentalist strain of Islam which preaches the destruction and subjugation of the West. Many immigrants in America have different religions and histories and that makes America a richer place, but for this process to be successful there is an unwritten understanding that the new immigrants will try to become part of the greater American society (no not McDonald's - lol) and not actively work to destroy our historic institutions (whether they be religious, secular, cultural).

Here is a short film on how radical Islam is trying to destroy France:

Some Muslims were recently caught demonstrating in support of the Toulouse killer Mohammed Merah! Imagine that, to march in support of a mass murderer. This is totally Satanic!

I fear we will soon face in France another Battle of Tours to stop the radical Muslim advance into Europe, but who will be our Charles Martel? Where is the unity and leadership? What is worse about this new Muslim conquest is that Europe invited the Trojan Horse of radical Islam into her lands. What a foolish and dangerous capitulation! 95% of the current conflicts in the world relate in some way to radical Islam. We cannot ignore the data. Fundamentalist Islam is on the move and its sole aim is global domination and hegemony. The brutal attacks of the Jihadists are only one spear. Muslim immigration into Europe coupled with extremely high birth rates could spell the death of Christianity in Europe in just two or three generations! This is the fruit of liberal socialist policies, the historic Christian faith is subverted, the historic culture is replaced with new Islamic culture, the social milieu and language are replaced and you have a Europe broken and weak, unable to battle against the Islamic tidal wave overtaking it!

I pray that France turns back to God, puts their faith in Jesus and only then can a united France, strengthened by faith, take the country back. Let the serpent of liberalism perish!

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