The 5 Points of Calvinism Poem


We are born lost in sin you see
Totally wicked
We are mired in depravity

Our heart is desperately wicked
That is the truth
Sin is our bed

God chose us to redeem
From the foundation of the world
What a marvelous dream

Not elected based on anything in us
It was simply God's good pleasure
For His purpose

Christ died at Calvary
His propitiation was complete
This is salvation history

He died for a select few
Only the Elect
The others He did eschew

We were quickened by the Holy Ghost
It was grace we could not resist
We have nothing of our own to boast

This grace was irresistible
God loved us so
We are no longer miserable

We're given a heart of flesh
We are made new
Our new life starts afresh

Our salvation cannot be lost
Christ will keep us on the right path
Persevering until our mortal life is past

by Zachary Uram (c) 2021


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