Advent Reflections Poem

In grievous sin man was lost
To redeem him what would it cost?

God became man
It was all according to His plan

The God Man came
To cast out demons and heal the lame

But the real reason Christ came was love
He had mercy on us from above

The virgin Mary would bear Jesus the Lord
He would save us from sin and the Satanic horde

The Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary, for 9 months she bore the Christ child
This holy infant so tender and mild

A humble stable in Bethlehem held the newborn babe and His divinity
A donkey and lamb kept watch in this precious nativity

Jesus would be our sinless sacrifice
He hung on the cross while, for His garments, the soldiers played dice

For our vice and depravity
Christ would suffer most acutely

He was crushed for our iniquity, and endured God the Father's full wrath
Jesus chose this path

He cried out, "It is finished!", and gave up His spirit. Such was the death of the Son
But Jesus was not defeated. This hill of Calvary is where our salvation was won

Death could not hold Him. Now rang the celestial bell
He descended into Hell

Christ preached to the lost, and set the righteous of old free
No longer would His Elect be eternally condemned for our iniquity

Three days later Christ's rocky tomb shone with bright light
Behold, the Lamb of God was resurrected by His might

The grave could not hold the living Word of God
Satan and death were defeated, the Messiah we shall praise forever and laud

Because of Christ's resurrection, we the spiritually blind shall see
By God's amazing grace through faith we are saved and set free

We must be born again you see
It's a fundamental change in our reality

We are given second birth
This is cause for much rejoicing and mirth

In Christ we are truly a new creation
This fills me with thanksgiving and elation

So sing Hallelujah and be always ready for the Lord's return
He will rapture His Church before the world will burn

Trust in Christ alone and preach the Gospel of sovereign grace
Let all people hear the Good News, until that happy day we shall see Him face to face


by Zachary Uram (c) 2021


  1. It's Truth My Brother, I Totally Agreed With You, May God Bless You


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