Monday, May 3, 2021



Oh hallowed womb
It must not be a tomb
Let love bloom

Children are a gift divine
Sweeter than wine
They are beautiful by design

Always choose life
The world has enough strife
Husband, support your wife

To abortion, we must say no
It's an evil woe
Life is precious don't you know

No sacrifice is too great
To save a child from this wicked fate
Let your compassion be not late

So save this gift so dear
Love casts out fear
Let the world  hear

by Zachary Uram, (c) 2021

Saturday, April 3, 2021

A Polemical Poem

"A Polemical Poem"

The so-called infallible Magisterium

Is in a delirium

Making up doctrine ad hoc

To deceive the flock

Oh the sinister machinations of man

Developed a plan

To control the people

From the church steeple

A lust for power

Conceived in an ivory tower

Oh come out of her I say

Without delay

Join a Reformed church

And leave Catholicism in the lurch

With doctrine so clear and true

You will know what to do

Sola Scriptura rules the day

So join without delay

Repent and in Christ alone believe

No longer can Satan deceive

Priests and bishops have no power to save

You must belong to Christ as a slave

The Pope is not Jesus' vicar on earth

He has no worth

I bid you leave Rome

And come home

Let Luther and Calvin be your guide

The truth they will not hide

Soon you will be a Calvinist and find you are one of the Elect

No longer deceived by the Catholic sect

So begin your journey this night

Being Reformed is such a delight

by Zachary Uram, (c) 2021

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Poem - The Eschaton

"The Eschaton"

Do not fear my brethren
Our God is sovereign

We await the Second Coming of the Lord of Lords
He will slay the Satanic hordes

He came as the Lamb, but returns as the Judah Lion
He will reign in Zion

Once the Peace Treaty is made
The timeline is laid

In the Rapture we will fly
To meet Jesus in the sky

Our blessed hope
Not by man or Pope

God's wrath will rain down on the globe
A fate worse than Job

People will flee
But they will find no sanctuary

During the great Millennial reign
We'll sing a joyous refrain

At the Great White Throne
All the deeds of men will be known

Satan and his minions cast into the Lake of Fire
We'll have our hearts' desire

We, God's children, will spend eternity with Him
And so ends my poetic hymn

(c) 2021, Zachary Uram

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Deliverance - a poem


This sin of old
It has a strong hold

My flesh I will mortify
The Scriptures do not lie

I must put off this carnal mind
The strength of Christ I will find

It's a continual struggle I face
I thank God for grace

Over my sins I doth lament
Lord, I sincerely repent

With a contrite heart
I have a fresh start

Satan would have us lost in shame
No we won't play that evil game

We must finish the race
No matter what challenges we face

Christ set the captives free
In Him we have total victory

After earnest repentance of sin
I have unspeakable joy let in

In the Word you must stay deep
Our Adversary doth not sleep

So confess your sins everyone
Life abundant is in the Son

(c) 2020, Zachary Uram

Monday, April 27, 2020

New poem


Dearest Mommy, you are so precious to me
I grew in your tummy for 9 months long
You always sang me a song

When I was little you showed me the way
You taught me my ABCs
And bandaged my bruised knees

We always could rely on you
You showed us sacrificial  love
It came down from above

As early as I can recall you made me feel safe
In so many ways you taught us to learn and grow
The love in our hearts you guided us to let it show

I love your cute nicknames for me
Always patient and kind
You nurtured my mind

You taught us that Jesus loves us
And died for our iniquity
My faith began and my soul was set free

I fell asleep many a night to your lullaby
You read to us; we would play, sing, and laugh
You even taught us math

Thank you for always caring for me
You have touched my heart in so many ways
I will forever cherish our carefree days

Thanks for loving me unconditionally
And having a love to pure and true
Dearest Mommy, I love you

(c) 2020, Zachary Uram

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

book review

This is a review of the book, "Killing the Deep State: The Fight to Save President Trump," by Dr. Jerome Corsi.

The leftist socialist/communist agenda to set up a one-world government which a handful of elites control 
is absolutely real. Sadly half of our populace in America are socialists/communists who blindly support 
the Deep State. These Democrats need to be dealt with definitively, they are the #1 threat to America's 
sovereignty and liberties. 

It's no surprise this Deep State is profoundly anti-Christian and anti-Jewish. It is however pro-Muslim. 
A relative unknown like Obama  who was installed for 8 years as president is a testament to the power the 
Deep State wields. 

The Deep State now controls education (K-12 public schools and universities), the mainstream media, the 
major tech companies (Google, Facebook, Microsoft etc), and as I said half the populace, who are dumb 
sheep. Thanks to their stranglehold on education they have brainwashed and conditioned Democrats into 
believing whatever false history and "facts" they feed them. They are not taught to think critically, 
nor how to think, but rather they are taught what to think. 

President Trump is not a Washington insider, he isn't even a politician, he's a successful businessman. 
President Trump is a true patriot who loves America and wants us to prosper. The recent shameful partisan 
impeachment of President Trump is a perfect example of how all aspects of the Deep State worked together, 
in an attempt to destroy President Trump.  

Democrats  have literally nothing to offer this nation except LGBT propaganda, destruction of religious 
freedom, censorship, soaring deficits, imposition of an Islamic state ruled by sharia law, abortion on 
demand (I guess 60 million babies murdered isn't enough to satisfy the  left's bloodlust), further 
imposition and support for radical feminism, which has been destroying the family, high taxes, open 
borders, amnesty cities and states for illegal immigration (many of whom commit heinous crimes) which 
subverts the rule of law, betrayal of the state of Israel (our closest ally in the Middle East), high 
crime rates and reduced or very light sentences, socialist healthcare which supports abortion on demand 
and euthanasia, and a host of other maladies!  This is what Democrat voters are supporting whether they 
realize it or not (dumb sheep). 

President Trump has been undermined and attacked by Obama's plants in the White House, 
National Security Council, State Department, FBI, CIA, NSA, and the mainstream media. These Deep State 
assets must be removed in President Trump's second term. I commend Dr. Corsi for writing this important 
book. It will no doubt enrage leftists suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. I welcome 4 more 
years of the Trump administration and the dismantling of the Deep State! Democrats are hellbent on 
destroying our Constitutional rights. Liberty must prevail!

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy Easter!

He is risen!

At Calvary Christ suffered and bore our sin
The most holy propitiation

This sinless Man who was divine
He alone paid the price for our transgressions, this eternal Vine

At 3pm His work was done and He commended up His spirit
"Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani", you can hear it

Christ laid in the grave, but He was not done
For with His resurrection our salvation was won

The God Man conquered Death and Satan for all time
So repent and believe! Thus ends my rhyme.
(c) 2019 Zachary Uram

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