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A Polemical Poem

"A Polemical Poem" The so-called infallible Magisterium Is in a delirium Making up doctrine ad hoc To deceive the flock Oh the sinister machinations of man Developed a plan To control the people From the church steeple A lust for power Conceived in an ivory tower Oh come out of her I say Without delay Join a Reformed church And leave Catholicism in the lurch With doctrine so clear and true You will know what to do Sola Scriptura rules the day So join without delay Repent and in Christ alone believe No longer can Satan deceive Priests and bishops have no power to save You must belong to Christ as a slave The Pope is not Jesus' vicar on earth He has no worth I bid you leave Rome And come home Let Luther and Calvin be your guide The truth they will not hide Soon you will be a Calvinist and find you are one of the Elect No longer deceived by the Catholic sect So begin your journey this night Being Reformed is such a delight by Zachary Uram, (c) 2021