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Cherry Blossoms

gentle and fragrant they sing perfuming Japan delicate and cheerful they blossom spring returns slowly and inexorably they fall samurai souls honored and revered they float among clouds - by Zachary Uram (c) 2012

God Bless America (2011) film review

In this film we see another false dichotomy: Left = good, intelligent, free thinking, uber cool Right = bad, dumb, closed minded, lame This distillation is the sum total of the script. The writing is amateurish and so ridiculous and downright trite that I found myself laughing aloud at line after line. Being a Leftist film, if this is the best of the so-called New Left there is nothing to fear, it couldn't resist taking a dig at Christianity (which has sadly become a popular trend for the unthinking tired comedians of our time) with the "imaginary friends" line. This film fancies itself some deep indictment of the American psyche while it delivers nothing more than a caricature of an imagined America which is more revealing of the disturbances in the minds of the writers and liberalism in general. It could have been much more, but like much of popular discourse it cannot escape viewing the world in a binary state where either agrees with you and is worthy of blameless

New Gmail interface

At midnight (nearly 2 hours ago) I was FORCED by Google to using the crappy new user interface. I hate it! There is TONS of white space, it's very hard to quickly differentiate between the three leveled view panes, they've removed the labeled buttons and replaced them with ambiguous icons, and it is noticeably SLOWER! Also I see they have removed the option in setting which forced replies to be in plain text so when I reply now and the person I'm replying to used HTML now my reply defaults to HTML! THIS IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE GOOGLE! And to make it worse there is no CLASSIC LOOK option available. Ugh if Yahoo makes it possible to easily import my Gmail I may switch! It's sad Gmail used to be the fastest, most intuitively easy to understand and concise web mailer out there. THANKS FOR RUINING A GREAT PRODUCT GOOGLE YOU MORONIC HIPSTERS who listen to clueless web stylists who put subjective style over objective substance. My new Gmail report card: Usabi

"My Belly"

my belly is swollen and that's no lie i smack my belly i don't know why i smack it in the day i smack it at night my supersized belly is always a delight so give me yummy foods and delicious drinks to consume at my leisure recompensed with great pleasure - Zachary Uram (c) 2012