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book review

This is a review of the book, " Killing the Deep State: The Fight to Save President Trump," by Dr. Jerome Corsi. The leftist socialist/communist agenda to set up a one-world government which a handful of elites control  is absolutely real. Sadly half of our populace in America are socialists/communists who blindly support  the Deep State. These Democrats need to be dealt with definitively, they are the #1 threat to America's  sovereignty and liberties.  It's no surprise this Deep State is profoundly anti-Christian and anti-Jewish. It is however pro-Muslim.  A relative unknown like Obama  who was installed for 8 years as president is a testament to the power the  Deep State wields.  The Deep State now controls education (K-12 public schools and universities), the mainstream media, the  major tech companies (Google, Facebook, Microsoft etc), and as I said half the populace, who are dumb  sheep. Thanks to their stranglehold on education they have brain