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Stop Killing Elephants

Bob Parsons - elephant murderer PETA has discovered that recently on a trip to Zimbabwe CEO Bob Parsons killed an elephant. This was done for pure sport! What an arrogant and despicable man. Elephants are a threatened species. His excuse that this was done to protect the villagers is absurd. Hey Bob instead of stroking your pathetic ego and murdering a majestic, intelligent, gorgeous African bull elephant in cold blood with your high powered rifle you could have taken some of your vast personal fortune, estimated at $200 million USD by, and built a fence around the village or found another solution to the alleged problem the elephants were causing. Not to mention the fact that this is the elephants natural habitat - their home. The truth is that Bob Parsons wanted to satisfy his blood lust by killing a defenseless creature that was unable to fight back against his lethal weapon. He is a very insecure man with an utterly cold heart. You are in spiri

Big Brother Barack

Remember during the 2010 campaign how Obama promised his administration would have a level of transparency unseen before? Obama's pledge of transparency was a joke! Is there anything Obama *doesn't* lie about? He's lied about unemployment figures, lied about the stimulus (and where all the money went), lied about health care, lied about Libya, lied about Afghanistan, lied about Iraq, broken numerous campaign promises, etc. Look at this: "The Homeland Security Department official in charge of submitting sensitive government files to political advisers for secretive reviews before they could be released to citizens, journalists and watchdog groups complained in emails that the unusual scrutiny was "crazy" and hoped someone outside the Obama administration would discover the practice , The Associated Press has learned." "But at the Homeland Security Department, since July 2009, career employees were ordered to provide political staffers with i

Noriko's Dinner Table (2005) - review

This film is supposed to complement the previous controversial film "Suicide Club" (2001). It revolves around a middle class Japanese family living in a pastoral coastal village. The father, TetsuzĂ´ (Tetsu), is an editor-in-chief workaholic at a local newspaper. Mother, Taeko, is a dutiful housewife who enjoys painting. Elder daughter Noriko is in her senior year of high school. Her sister Yuka is a few years younger. Noriko runs away one night during a power outage and meets Kumiko, a mysterious girl around her own age who runs an internet BBS which has been connected to the previous suicides in the first movie. Kumiko runs the Suicide Club (Circle) and has a business where her employees and her pose as family members for clients. Eventually Yuka also runs away and joins them. Kumiko has serious psychological problems, she lives in a fantasy world, you can fool others emotionally but sooner or later the fake memories and contrived emotional world will come crashing do

Decline of the West

In Japan you still have a fairly intact family unit, schools are much stricter than in the West, children are taught to follow the law and be good citizens. Hedonistic parents in the West raise their spoiled brats to be narcissistic self-absorbed twats who just look to satiate their base carnal desires; if anyone gets in their way they just step over them. The feminist movement and so-called sexual revolution has destroyed the family unit. In the black community 90% of kids are born bastards and grow up with no father present. Things aren't much better in the white or hispanic communities. I regularly read in the British broadsheets of the rise of hooliganism and thuggery, school kids slashing each other with knives, and the law is lax and lets them off the hook. Sexual morality is at an abysmal level in the West too. Half the population is either stoned on drugs or in a drunken stupor. Also a fundamental, a very non-PC, factor is people turning away from God. For those bashing Ame


I loathe rap music. It is extremely misogynistic, promotes criminality and crass consumerism. Further it degrades the beauty of the English language. The bass, or beats, is based on pagan tribal drum beats which were used in calls to war and in various pagan ceremonies. Musically it is extremely simplistic and lyrically devoid of merit most of the time. It is utterly superficial and promotes the shallow philosophy of materialism and glorification of the ego. We have such a rich heritage of great music in America (jazz, gospel, blues, r&b) and there is the vast genius of classical music. Teach kids that glorious music! Listening to rap music one notices a few motifs repeated over and over again: do anything you can to earn money, the end justifies the means to be successful in life you must amass great wealth use women for your sexual gratification criminality is OK if you are in a lower socio-economic state if you have a problem with someone violence is the solution listin

Who Dares Wins / The Final Option (1982) - review

This movie was a very enjoyable thriller. Pro peace terrorists (oxymoronic) capture a bunch of American and British dignitaries and hold them hostage unless their demands are met. Very strong acting by Lewis Collins, Edward Woodward and Richard Widmark. Tension is built up nicely and the action is kept realistic yet still thrilling. This movie is a testament to the spirit and skill of the British SAS - perhaps the foremost counter-terrorism and special operations unit in the world.

Untapped Energy in America

We do not leverage our abundant energy resources. America has the LARGEST proven reserves of BOTH natural gas AND coal in the entire world! We could have dirt cheap electricity and natural gas for heating our homes and cooking, but the stupid envirowackos and liberal loons, a liberal Senate and Obama won't let us do it! It's unbelievably stupid. If ANY other country had these reserves they would fully exploit them!

Obama fiddles while the world burns!

The Middle East is in utter chaos, gasoline is over $4/gallon, unemployment rate still at 9% (true rate closer to 20%), US is $14 trillion in debt, Japan faces an overwhelming humanitarian crisis following the record earthquake and resulting tsunami, and now with 4 of the 6 nuclear reactors at Japan's Fukushima site in various stages of meltdown the world faces the greatest radioactive threat since Chernobyl so what is Obama concentrating his energy and attention on? Golfing and the NCAA college basketball tournament, so-called March Madness! I guess with Obama the madness moniker is apropos. Obama the man-child is without question the worst president in US history and one of the worst Western leaders in modern times. He is unable to act, paralyzed by doubt and a weak intellect unable to synthesize complex information and act decisively, further Obama seems to be milking the presidency for his family and his personal benefit: constant golfing (61 trips in barely 2 years!), constan

Hombre (1967) - review

Hombre - a solid western starring Paul Newman. He plays John Russell, a white man raised by the Apache since childhood on a reservation. The plot is fairly simple, Russell escorts a group of people on a coach wagon to another town and in the process they are held up by bandits. This film does not sugarcoat frontier life and we are told of the cruel and unfair plight of the Native Americans and witness acts of racism against them. At one point on the coach trip Russell is told to sit on top (with the other minority, a Mexican character) due to the protests of Mrs. Favor (played by the gorgeous Barbara Rush), she doesn't want such a "savage" man in the coach with the civilized white folk. Ironically, later on Russell sacrifices his own life to save her from the bandits, when even her own husband is afraid to act on her behalf. A major theme of the film is greed. It drives a disillusioned town sheriff to join the bandits. The West is accurately portrayed as a harsh and unf