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My Belly II

I smack my belly I don't why why I love to smack it I can't tell a lie I smack it all over It resonates with glee Oh what joy I get From smacking my belly I will smack it in the day I will smack it at night I will never stop smacking it What a delight So rotund and peaceful Is my fatty belly It loves to make music So sweetly I'll never stop smacking My belly so fair For all the ages I will smack it with flair Smack one Smack two Smack three And Smack four Smack it all over Smack for ever more - Zachary Uram (c) 2012

Blog publicity and Olympics coverage redux

Thanks to a recent story in The Independent online my blog got a bunch of pageviews. Woot! Check out the stats: By the way, I agree with journalist Guy Adams. NBC's coverage of the Olympics has been amateurish, inept and downright irritating. He didn't deserve to have his Twitter account suspended. Instead of broadcasting events live, which would occur in the afternoon here, they make us wait until 8pm EST to watch tape delayed broadcasts. This is after the results have already been known for hours and disseminated all over various media outlets! Further NBC is making dumb mistakes. Last night they announced the winner of the women's 100m freestyle race before the race was aired thanks to a promo spot for the Today Show. This is embarrassing. And one would get the impression from watching NBC's coverage that the only events which exist are track and field, gymnastics and swimming; and the only countries competing are China, Britain and America!