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new poem, "The Gospel"

"The Gospel" Christ first appeared On a cold wintry night Snow was gently falling A lone candle gave light Born to the blessed Virgin Mary Sweet baby Jesus, the incarnate deity Emmanuel was now before us Oh what a heavenly sight to see Christ was now a man He began His earthly ministry The crippled were healed The blind could now see Christ is the Logos The living Word So open your ears Let the Lord be heard According to the Law We are dead in our sin A perfect sacrifice is needed A propitiation Jesus lived with His 12 Apostles He taught them all without exception But one would betray Him This man of perdition In the Garden of Gethesemane Jesus prayed And asked if He could forgo this bitter pill Our precious Lord sweat blood And He accepted the Father's will Christ was taken before the religious authorities They cruelly mocked Him The Romans brutally scourged and beat Jesus His life flickered dim Oh how our Lord suffere