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Racial stupidity

This drives me crazy. I've noticed this a popular trend in Hollywood, sports and politics where a mixed-race individual chooses to identify solely with the black aspect of their racial makeup. All parts of one's racial makeup should be equally important. Race is not a matter of personal preference it is genetics! If your biological mother is white and your biological father is black you are NOT white, you are NOT black, you are bi-racial or mixed. It is actually a type of reverse racism at work. As if the black part of their race trumps the white part and is somehow more important. Obama clearly wanted to pander to the black vote so he stressed, "I am a black man." That is not correct, he is a mixed-race man. Why can't he be equally proud of his white heritage? The actress Halle Berry said in an interview, relating to a custody dispute, something like, "My child is black!" This is absurd, to begin with Halle is of mixed race so her child cannot be pur