Monday, April 27, 2020

New poem


Dearest Mommy, you are so precious to me
I grew in your tummy for 9 months long
You always sang me a song

When I was little you showed me the way
You taught me my ABCs
And bandaged my bruised knees

We always could rely on you
You showed us sacrificial  love
It came down from above

As early as I can recall you made me feel safe
In so many ways you taught us to learn and grow
The love in our hearts you guided us to let it show

I love your cute nicknames for me
Always patient and kind
You nurtured my mind

You taught us that Jesus loves us
And died for our iniquity
My faith began and my soul was set free

I fell asleep many a night to your lullaby
You read to us; we would play, sing, and laugh
You even taught us math

Thank you for always caring for me
You have touched my heart in so many ways
I will forever cherish our carefree days

Thanks for loving me unconditionally
And having a love to pure and true
Dearest Mommy, I love you

(c) 2020, Zachary Uram

Saturday, April 25, 2020


Hollywood is pushing the LGBT agenda! In the latest Avengers movie, Avengers Endgame, they have a gay man! DISGUSTING! You can't even watch a superhero movie without having LGBT shoved in your face! Also the latest Star Wars movie had a scene where 2 women kiss! It's sad that we've allowed 1% of the population to dictate on us the 99%! In Western countries LGBT now controls the media, the entertainment industry, K-12 public schools, universities, the corporate world and local, state, and federal governments! The LGBT movement has become adept at leveraging existing laws against opponents, while simultaneously pushing for new laws, such as the proposed Equality Act, which would have criminalized preaching the truth of Scripture as hate speech! If you stand up for Biblical morality you are labeled as an intolerant bigot. The LGBT agenda includes pushing for recognition of being LGBT as a fundamental human right. We must fight against this Satanic evil for the sake of our children and grandchildren. And the LGBT community is not content to just be left alone. Oh no! They have an orchestrated agenda to push their immoral values on everyone. They are also increasingly making use of our legal systems to punish Christian citizens and businesses who don't follow their wicked agenda.

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