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New poem

"Mommy" Dearest Mommy, you are so precious to me I grew in your tummy for 9 months long You always sang me a song When I was little you showed me the way You taught me my ABCs And bandaged my bruised knees We always could rely on you You showed us sacrificial  love It came down from above As early as I can recall you made me feel safe In so many ways you taught us to learn and grow The love in our hearts you guided us to let it show I love your cute nicknames for me Always patient and kind You nurtured my mind You taught us that Jesus loves us And died for our iniquity My faith began and my soul was set free I fell asleep many a night to your lullaby You read to us; we would play, sing, and laugh You even taught us math Thank you for always caring for me You have touched my heart in so many ways I will forever cherish our carefree days Thanks for loving me unconditionally And having a love to pure and true Dearest Mommy, I love you