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A Testament

In the Garden, man did fall For eating the forbidden fruit Death and sin consumed us all We once walked with God In the garden of Eden To survive we'd have to work the clod This Messiah was foretold The prophets recorded In the days of old He would save the human race By reconciling man with the I AM Jesus would die in our place Truly God and truly man The hypostatic union He carried out the Father's plan He was born in a humble stable With sheep and donkey This was no fable He taught the 12 Apostles truth And healed and spoke with power and authority His reputation spread in Judea forsooth The Pharisees devised a wicked plan He rebuked them and challenged their hypocrisy They schemed against the Son of Man He was judged by Pilate of Rome And sentenced to death As recorded in many a tome On Good Friday He hung on the cross The God-Man would face God's wrath Such an incalculable loss At 3 pm He spoke His last "It is finished." He cried His mortal life was now past