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The Real Misery Index April 2010: Underemployment Woes Lead To Two-Tier Economy

This is a shame. The wealth gap in the US has been increasing for a long time and now it is accelerating just as in China! Free trade has robbed the US alone of nearly 13-20 million jobs. Both parties seem equally greedy - whether George Soros or Warren Buffet. This culture of hyper-greed is pervasive in Wall Street and it's glorified in popular media. Here are some interesting papers: http://www .brookings .edu/~/med ia/Files/r c/papers/2 009/0615_e conomic_cr isis_baily _elliott/0 615_econom ic_crisis_ baily_elli ott.pdf http://www .economics .pomona.ed u/colloqui um/gourinc has.pdf http://opi m.wharton. risk/downl oads/WEF_G lobal-Risk s_2010.pdf http://www emplibrary /Whelton%2 0article.p df http://www .u.arizona .edu/~lken wor/challe nge2010.pd f Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

What countries would you like to live in and why? :3

I'd love to visit Ireland, Poland, Slovakia, Germany, England and France since I have ethnic roots there. Definitely would love to see the Holy Land to see the famous Biblical places, be nice to visit Asia and see China and its rich historic culture, be neat to venture to Australia to see the rugged Outback, and I'd like to hear different pipe organs also in Switzlerland, Austria and France. And a stop at Italy for the amazing food :-) Ask me anything which is not profane, heretical, sexual, crude, lewd or rude.

"Ask me anything which is not profane, heretical, sexual, crude, lewd or rude."...That's no fun! Why make a formspring?

Formspring is Serious Internets! LOL~ Ask me anything which is not profane, heretical, sexual, crude, lewd or rude.


I created my first demotivational poster! ;-) This image is hereby granted to the Public Domain so feel free to share it with your friends.


Elvis is, IMHO, still the best. No other singer brought the incredibly high musicality, passion and soul into their music so consistently in a career spanning decades. Frank Sinatra comes close though. Fans of the recent movie "Kick Ass" will recognize this amazing medley, "An American Trilogy". The finale is simply stunning, probably the best you'll ever see in pop music. This is from the famous live broadcast (first of its kind) special from Hawaii. Two more of more favorite selections. This is, "If I Can Dream", from his 1968 comeback special: Finally here is the most moving rendition of "Amazing Grace" I've ever heard. This is transcendent music! Elvis gave himself wholly to every performance and I'll never forget him.