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Pittsburgh Penguins Power Play Performance

Major T.J. "King" Kong says, "Dag burnit, stay on the power play, boys! We'll get the puck in the net if it's the last thing we do. Aaaaaa hoooo! Waaaaa haaaawwwww!!!! "

Andrew C. McCarthy on Islam (NRO)

April 28, 2006, 6:24 a.m. Not for the Faint of Heart Robert Spencer asks the hard questions about Islam...and answers them. The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) , by Robert Spencer (Regnery, 233 pp., $19.95) I t is often said that in order to keep polite company polite, we must refrain from speaking of religion and politics. Yet, the two are not equals in the hierarchy of politesse. Political debate may be unwelcome in many settings, but no one clears the room by observing that the great totalitarian evils of the 20th century, Communism and fascism, were directly responsible for incalculable carnage. Not so when it comes to religion — or, at least, one particular religion. The past three decades have borne witness to a rising, global tide of terrorist atrocities, wrought by Muslims who proclaim without apology — indeed, with animating pride — that their actions are compelled by Islam. Nonetheless, the quickest ticket to oblivion on PC's pariah ex

Steve Irwin - The Crocodile Hunter - You Are Missed!

God bless you Steve! I will never forget your wonderful programs and your zest for life and appreciation of God's wonderful creation. Good on ya mate!

Yasoo3 ya ibn Allah!

Shookran Taree2 Yasoo3! Amin! Al Ma7ee! Here is a great song (tarneema) by (Rogé [Roger] Bahu) : Ya Yasou ya ibn Allah Download the full recording -> or hear streaming audio ->

Full Moon Cut (Engetsu-giri)

"You will die... the time my sword completes the circle." From the Hagakure Kikigaki: "It is a principle of the art of war that one should simply lay down his life and strike. If one's opponent also does the same, it is an even match. Defeating one's opponent is then a matter of faith and destiny." Engetsu-giri is one of my favorite chambara film series. The series follows the travels of Kyoshiro Nemuri, a ronin who lives by his sword and wits.

The Real History of the Crusades

The Real History of the Crusades By Thomas F. Madden April 1, 2002 With the possible exception of Umberto Eco, medieval scholars are not used to getting much media attention. We tend to be a quiet lot (except during the annual bacchanalia we call the International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, Michigan, of all places), poring over musty chronicles and writing dull yet meticulous studies that few will read. Imagine, then, my surprise when within days of the September 11 attacks, the Middle Ages suddenly became relevant. As a Crusade historian, I found the tranquil solitude of the ivory tower shattered by journalists, editors, and talk-show hosts on tight deadlines eager to get the real scoop. What were the Crusades?, they asked. When were they? Just how insensitive was President George W. Bush for using the word "crusade" in his remarks? With a few of my callers I had the distinct impression that they already knew the answers to their questio

Pens vs Senators

Midway Open Ice Always good advice. Lemieux + Jagr = $$$ Drop the puck! Faceoff. Jagr scores! GOAL! MARIO BEAT HIM LIKE A RENTED MULE! Tied game. Computer crashed so no 3rd period :-( Stats.

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Mozart !

Wolfgang Amadaeus Mozart January 27, 1756 – December 5, 1791 All rights reserved (c) 2006. Happy Birthday Wolfie! Totoro also love this great Austrian composer ^_^ I created this image to commemorate the 250th anniversary of Mozart's birth. Please click the image to see the full sized version. Some sites of interest: Mozart 2006 Wien Mozart 2006 Salzburg Festival - Mozart Mozart Wiki


Tonari no Totoro Totoro Totoro, Totoro Totoro My neighbor Totoro Totoro Totoro, Totoro Totoro Dareka ga kossori Komichi ni Konomi uzumete Chiisana me haetara himitsu no ango Mori e no pasupooto Sutekina booken hajimeru Someone secretly Buries berries in the path When a tiny sprout grows you'll find a secret cipher A passport to the woods A splendid adventure will begin Tonari no Totoro Totoro, Totoro Totoro Mori no naka ni mukashi kara sunderu Tonari no Totoro Totoro, Totoro Totoro Kodomo no toki ni dake anata ni otozureru Fushigina deai My neighbor Totoro Totoro, Totoro Totoro Living inside the forest since the ancient times My neighbor Totoro Totoro, Totoro Totoro It is only when you are a child that you can visit A mysterious meeting Ame furi basutei Zubunure obake ga itara Anata no amagasa sashite agemasho Mori e no pasupooto Mahoo no tobira akimasu The rain falls at the bus stop If there's a wet creature Raise up your umbrella for



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