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"Autumn Impressions" I walk outside in the afternoon. The fresh cool wind embraces me. Leaves crunch under foot. They form a rich tapestry of multicolored hues. Red, orange, green, yellow and brown. I visit Starbucks. I get a pumpkin spice latte with whipped cream and nutmeg. A nice piece of pumpkin bread rounds out my meal. Later I arrive back home and lay down for a nap. I dream of Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin pie. (c) 2016, Zachary Uram

A veritable feast!

We just finished our Thanksgiving meal! We had yams with brown sugar and marshmellows, steamed brussel sprouts, carrots, mashed potatoes, turkey, stuffing, mushroom gravy, homemade cranberry sauce, gel cranberry sauce, and crescent rolls! For dessert we have homemade sweet potato pie and minced meat pie and eggnog! WOW I AM STUFFED!!!!!! :D

new poem

"Eat" food is sublime an ode in rhyme whether it is pasta or pizza pie I love eating sometimes French or Thai give me bagels with cream cheese or a strawberry cake my senses are delighted I am ready to partake ramen noodles I like and hamburgers too I want some cheese fries and beef roast au jus there are so many cuisines I never grow weary I'll eat it all and my stomach stays cheery so bring on your cupcakes and your tacos as well a nice roasted turkey sure is swell I'll have some pumpkin pie and moo shoo pork ad lib spaghetti with meatballs is nice also I'll have some prime rib here ends my tale I think I'll eat some quail (c) Zachary Uram, 2016

New poem

"Violet" My sister Vi is so sweet and kind I can always talk to her If there's something on my mind When I am sick and unwell She nurses me Until I feel swell We can chat about poetry Films and 80s songs Our banter is always lively She is a poet and an artist too So talented Her focus is true Vi is my best friend And my roommate as well Eclectic we tend We always communicate Whether by text, phone, email or in person Our discourse will never stagnate Vi and I share faith in our Savior Jesus Christ the Lord We shall be with Him in eternal favor (c) 2016, Zachary Uram

new poem

"afternoon musings" Water gushes across the window pane Oh what a torrential rain The cool Spring air So refreshing and fair The fierce wind gusts and blows Following a path only God knows I thought of the rain which fell After Christ's death knell His precious blood washed away down the hill All in accordance with the Father's will (c) 2016 Zachary Uram

New poem

"Election" Oh sweet joy I've come to know Because of His unmerited grace Eternity with the Lord I will face Christ paid the ransom for my soul I'm free from death and sin Oh what a great propitiation We are all blackened by sin But we need not remain in darkness God has given us the Lamb glorious You can't earn salvation No it must be a result of grace We're no longer lost in disgrace This wondrous Election is so sublime From the world's foundation we were chosen The regenerated souls and the damned frozen If you are lost And hurt and bruised and lame Then repent and call upon His Name Now praise the Redeemer Let the trumpets sound and angelic host sings Our Lord Jesus Christ, the King of Kings (c) 2016 Zachary Uram