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depression redux

lost in a dark abyss mired in an unceasing melancholy my soul aches a cold darkness engulfs me it chills me to the bone waves of dread wash over me i cry out in despair my mind is numb yet at my worst He is still present Christ's love reaches me even in my lowly wretched state how amazing and wonderful thank you Lord! i will keep running the race (c) By Zachary Uram, 2015


The black leadership in America is abysmal, it has desperately failed the black community. All I see is victimization and race baiting, it's all politics to them. Blacks keep voting for Democrats and nothing changes. If you elected strong, intelligent, conservative black men like Allen West you would see changes in the black community IMHO. And you need better leaders than the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson! Another thing, my family are immigrants (legal ones), and had absolutely nothing to do with slavery so I'm tired of being blamed for past injustices.