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My new poem

"Dissociative Event" Phase transition Consciousness shifting Higher dimensional Fog lifting Pure energy Synaptic liberation Perception expands Higher excitation Ontological freedom Omnipresent thought Time redefined Connections sought Awareness expands Darkness flee A moment For me - by Zachary Uram (c) 2011

America's Next Top Model, Season 16, Episode 9 - Franca Sozzani - review

Fierceandria being silly ^_^ So the final 5 girls are in Marrakesh, Morocco. Felt bad for Kasia when hardly anything from that North African designer Amir fit her :( She was smart to bring her heels! Sick of Molly complaining, she has a toxic attitude. Molly Molly Brittani once again acted very immature with her,"Bitch yer goin down!", thought towards Alexandria. No surprise there. Molly *once again* complained about the choice of beds, even though she was the first one in and had first selection.  SHUT UP ALREADY MOLLY I AM SICK OF YOUR INCESSANT WHINING! That British photographer Michael Woolley on Kasia, "Frankly it was painful shooting her." -OUCH-! Kasia Kasia Eww, Woolley was so critical of Fierceandria! Everything she said he would counter with something negative, "Well modeling is more than that." Sheesh. He's probably upset she didn't fawn all over him. Hannah Hannah Then Molly attacks Fierceandria

Epic explosion and improbable survival

Here are a number of frames from an explosion sequence in the Steven Seagal movie "On Deadly Ground" (1994). Steven's character has on only a fire retardant suit, yet he miraculously survives! LOL This is a good mindless action movie and the dialogue is often unintentionally hilarious. He's nursed back to health by a tribe of Innuit and then goes to kick the asses of some oil company scum! Here is a sample of the hilarious dialogue: "My guy in DC tells me we're not dealing with a student here, we're dealing with the professor. Anytime the military has an operation that can't fail they call this guy in to train the troops ok. He's the kind of guy that would drink a gallon of gasoline so he could piss in your campfire. You could drop this guy off at the Arctic Circle wearing a pair of bikini underwear without his toothbrush and tomorrow afternoon he's gonna show up at your pool side with a million dollar smile and a fistful of pesos. T